030: Getting SASSy During COVID-19 with Tracy Rotton

In episode 30 of Women in WP, we talk to Tracy Rotton about being a freelancer during the time of COVID-19, including how working from home has changed, expectations moving forward, and more.

About Tracy Rotton:

Tracy Rotton (she/her) is Founder and Principal of Taupecat Studios, an independent WordPress development agency based near Washington, D.C. She has been a web developer for over twenty years, and a WordPress developer for ten, specializing in custom theme and site development for nonprofits and the enterprise. She has spoken at WordCamps throughout the eastern United States and has been a core contributor to WordPress and related projects.

Find Tracy Rotton: Taupecat Studios | Twitter

Women in WP | WordPress Podcast
Women in WP | WordPress Podcast
030: Getting SASSy During COVID-19 with Tracy Rotton

Show Notes

People places and things we talked about in this episode:


The current crisis with COVID-19 is going to change mindsets going forward, there’s going to be ramifications for how we change the way we work and build community.

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