072: Amber Pechin on Harnessing the Power of Stories

About Amber Pechin:

Owner, Head Storyteller and all-around nerd at Amplitude Media, Amber builds brands, websites, and big ideas.

Her specialty is crafting compelling brand stories about complicated topics for clients in highly technical, scientific, or academic industries. She believes harnessing the power of stories is the best way to help customers connect with brands while remembering and understanding complex ideas.

Amber loves humans (they are delicious) and believes the secret to world peace was best summed up by the great Bill and Ted when they said, “Be excellent to each other.” A writer of words and teller of stories, Amber is a passionate storyteller and entertainer and has vowed to only use her powers for good. She can usually be found using these powers on stage or around her kitchen table with her four teenage daughters (rolling their eyes).

When she’s not telling stories you can find her nerding out about behavioral economics, writing her (eventually forthcoming/almost finished) parenting book (Strategic Neglect: The Art of #Winning at Parenting), or traveling in her adventure van with Susan in HR.

Find Amber Pechin: Amplitude Media | Twitter | LinkedIn

Women in WP | WordPress Podcast
Women in WP | WordPress Podcast
072: Amber Pechin on Harnessing the Power of Stories

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