018: Global Leadership with Tess Coughlan-Allen

In episode 18 of Women in WP, we talk to Tess Coughlan-Allen about her journey not only into WordPress, but into the world of organizing and leading at WordCamp Europe.

About Tess Coughlan-Allen:

Tess is a writer who is passionate about communicating ideas in creative ways. Day to day, Tess works as Marketing Manager for Mind Doodle, helping people all over the world Make Ideas Happen with creative thinking and visual task management.

Active in the WordPress community, Tess is one of the Global Leads for WordCamp Europe 2020 and co-organised the first do_action hackathon to take place in Europe.

During her free time, you’ll find Tess writing, making music, staying active (in any way, from yoga to flipping tyres!), attending music festivals with friends, kayaking with her partner or exploring the countryside with their two dogs.

Find Tess Coughlan-Allen: Mind Doodle | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

Women in WP | WordPress Podcast
Women in WP | WordPress Podcast
018: Global Leadership with Tess Coughlan-Allen

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