019: Women in WP at WordCamp US

In the 19th installment of the Women in WP, the three cohosts finally are all together in one room, talking to the women who use WordPress daily!

Women in WP 19
Women in WP | WordPress Podcast
019: Women in WP at WordCamp US

Show Notes

Thanks to LiquidWeb for providing us with space to record this episode. We interviewed 11 women on the expo floor, so you’ll hear some garbled background noise in this episode. We hope you’ll bear with that and hear these terrific stories!

Sophia DeRosia
(Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States)


Website eringoblog.org

Sophia spoke on a panel at WordCamp USA on how the WordPress community can embrace the next generation. She is the daughter of Topher DeRosia, who is an evangelist for BigCommerce and creator of HeroPress, where you can read many more women in WordPress stories! She blogs about mental health when she has time and can tolerate her dad reading what she’s written.

Sally Gradle, Blue Orchid Web Development
(Chicago, Illinois, United States)


Website blueorchidwebsite.com

She is a builder of WordPress sites for the past three years. She has taken classes through Team Treehouse and followed Zac Gordon‘s WordPress courses on Treehouse. She got involved with the WordPress community right away, and that drew her in more deeply. She loves the Chicago WordCamp and was wearing the 2019 t-shirt. She says they have a great Meetup community in the area.

For the future of WordPress, she says we need to keep the people first and the technology second.

Shannon Gross
(Denver, Colorado, United States)


Website studioone44.com

Shannon is one of Angela’s Boulder Digital Arts 6-week WordPress Web Development course students. She has two small children and did children’s publishing for many years and is a graphic designer. She built sites on Wix and heard about WordPress and took Angela’s class this past spring and launched her own business building sites for small, local businesses mostly for women. Having a business in graphic design helped her make this transition as she already knew how to run a business, but had to learn how to manage a full web project (design and coding).

Lorelei Garnes, WNC Social Media
(Waynesville, NC, United States)


Website wncsocialmediabuzz.com

She started eight years ago with WordPress after coming up agains the limits of Dreamweaver. Over a few years, she saw the WordPress core and ecosystem expand and be able to help her meet needs as a builder of sites for clients. She’s experiencing great success and meeting her goals and is completing a master’s degree in marketing.

Sabrina Greene, Sabrina L Greene Art & Photography



Sabrina is photographer and SEO content writing and blogger. She transitioned to WordPress because she didn’t want a run of the mill photography site. She turns her photographs into oil paintings and is interested in teaching painting and creativity. WordPress will allow her to scale that up, because she won’t be stuck in the cookie cutter templates of other CMSs.

Carrie Wheeler, Executive Vice President and COO of Liquid Web



Carrie graciously allowed us to take over part of the Liquid Web both at WordCamp USA to record our podcast. We were so delighted to hear her story. This has been a three decade journey for her. She started in software development, spent a couple decades in telecommunications with MCI and AT&T and along that path got super passionate about cloud hosting and met up with the LiquidWeb CEO, Jim Geiger, and a couple of other folks. They acquired LiquidWeb five years ago. She is passionate about cloud hosting because it allows small businesses to affordably go global.

LiquidWeb is a big part of the WordPress community. She thinks there is a huge opportunity for web stores, so LiquidWeb works to provide a managed WooCommerce managed hosting platform. As a woman in technology, she has often been the only woman in the room and appreciates what we are doing here with the podcast.

Susan Hayse, Milkweed Web
(Chicago, Illinois, United States)



Susan is a freelancer and works primarily with nonprofits and small businesses and financial advisors. So I build their websites and run their sites. She has been working freelance for a year and a half. She worked many years in higher education and then for a nonprofit building websites for them. So, she has retired and builds WordPress sites part time.

Olivia Bisset


Olivia was a part of panel at WordCamp USA.

Robbie Adair


Owned a media agency for 17 years, speak at tech conferences, recently purchased OSTraining.com that teaches people to build websites on many different open source products.

Ericka Barboza, GreenGeeks Web Hosting


I had been organizer of WordCamp San Jose Costa Rica and I am co-organizer of WordPress Meetup in San Jose Costa Rica. I love help to women to have visibility in the technology world.

Karena Kreger, Open Sky Web Studio


Organizer for WPJax meet up and WordCamp Jacksonville FL. Owner of agency focused on sites for small businesses.

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