023: Building Diversity with Allie Nimmons

In this episode of Women in WP, we talk to Allie Nimmons about the parallels between acting and WordPress, teaching yourself to code, and building diversity within the WordPress Community.

About Allie Nimmons:

Allie Nimmons is a self-taught web designer and developer and has been working with WordPress since 2014. Currently, she provides tech support at GiveWP and travels with the GoDaddy Pro team as a speaker ambassador. Prior to that, she spent 3 years wearing all the hats at Pixel Glow Web Design. She is mildly obsessed with lists and wants to make the internet approachable and accessible to all.

Find Allie Nimmons: GiveWP | Twitter

Allie Nimmons
Women in WP | WordPress Podcast
023: Building Diversity with Allie Nimmons

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