046: Jodie Riccelli’s Journey from Music to Technology

About Jodie Riccelli:

Jodie Riccelli sits as the Director of Business Development at WebDevStudios. Since starting with the company in 2016, she has been responsible for creating unique web strategies and solutions for clients including Viacom, The National Domestic Violence Hotline, and The Society of Women Engineers. Jodie brings twenty years of sales and marketing experience to WebDevStudios. Her marketing expertise and ability to restructure and to systematize businesses has been recognized by business leaders in many fields including media, consumer product goods, and nonprofits.

She was on the organizing team for WordCamp US in Philadelphia and can be found speaking at WordCamps across the country. She is on the advisory board for PHL Diversity (a division of the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau), Blackboard Labs board, is a member of the Philadelphia Chapter of The Recording Academy, and volunteers at PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society).

In her downtime, she shares life experiences about screwing up on Izzabeth.com and has been known to get lost in old bookstores avoiding the fact that there is no more shelf space at home. Jodie lives in Philadelphia with her pups, Sir Frankie and Arya Bark.

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046: Jodie Riccelli’s Journey from Music to Technology

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Show Notes

All the things we talked about in this episode:


I have been very fortunate that the people whom I have worked for or encountered within the WordPress community the majority have been powerful and successful women who have really just reached out their hand and like pulled me through.

Recognizing what you are really good at and maybe what is not one of your strengths is a luxury of age. You start to figure out what you are really good at and what you shouldn’t be doing.

I certainly miss being able to go visit people in person. That’s been a challenge of my job this year how to engage clients, doing video chats or figuring out different things. So I’ve resorted to sending cheese steaks to clients.  Because being Philadelphia, that’s one thing we get asked about all the time. So that’s my new thing: Sending cheese steaks to you and your family that you can enjoy.”

If you’re going to try an authentic Philly cheese steak, you’ve got to use Cheeze Whiz.

I’ve found so many people in the WordPress community have music backgrounds. So many people have musical ability or musical talent. I attributed that to the way you process music is the same way you process writing code. To me writing code is an art form like playing music. There really i an art and a skill associated with it.

Everyone is so talented in the WordPress community. They’re either into art of some kind or doing crafts like knitting or crocheting or they’re musicians. Everybody has these really amazing skills. And what I think is really cool about it is that everybody will take about them and share.

Yes, I do WordPress or yes I might code or design or whatever, but look at this whole other life I have. We kind of embrace one other through those similarities which has been really fascinating to see.

Philadelphia is one of the most artistic, inviting, historic, and inclusive cities that exists. I think it is so cool that you can walk down  cobblestone streets that Benjamin Franklin walked on and turn the corner and see a mural that was done by The Roots. To me that is one of the coolest things.

About Philadelphia: We are a melting pot. We want everyone here. We are the city of brotherly love.

The only way to understand any location you ever visit is to meet the people, like taste the food. It’s a very tangible experience you need to have.

Right after college, I got to travel for a year. I traveled the country on planes and buses. And I got to stay with hosts families in these individuals cities. I was integrated into these communities in a really strong way. I got an education I could never have paid for. I learned so much.

Even doing something as simple as volunteering in your community will expose you to so many different kinds of people within your own neighborhood that in and of itself could be so eye opening and a learning experience. And the plus side of that is that you are giving back.

The number one secret of indoor plant care: Put your finger in the pot one inch. If it comes out with dirt on it, don’t water it. If it comes out clear, water it.

Future vision for next WordCamp when we can meet in person:
Battle of the Bands!

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